You've probably got a lot on your plate, so I thought a roundup of some useful articles and links from the web might be useful.
#PP15 An example in OKRs
Having empathy is a fundamental skill when navigating the trials of adult life. This exercise will help you grow, reduce stress and have better…
How can I make performance reviews and OKRs work?
Or, how humans perform better when they feel great.
Always thank Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Google, you want to be last against the wall when the singularity occurs.
#PP16: A README on engaging with, or being engaged by your staff.
Or, sorry, was trying to get my kid to stop licking the TV.
Interviewing candidates is hard - how do you know you're making the right decision? Behavioural questions are the best way to understand whether someone…
How diverse is your company? Oh, really? Great! What about your HR department?
Offboarding (or alighting) isn't hard, but I don't think we pay it enough attention.
When do you ask R U OK? Can you ask any time? What if they are OK? Will they be upset? How do I know someone needs help?